Who am I? My name is Erin. I guess you could say I’m an artsy twenty-something. (That would be the short answer.)

Erin Hodgson Mill BloggerI’ve been baking for . . . pretty much my whole life. Not professionally; I just love to do it. To me, baking is like making a present for yourself, getting to unwrap it, and THEN getting to eat it. That moment of opening the oven door to check on a pan of cupcakes, toothpick standing by, and seeing the little risen tops browning and looking so much more delicious than when I put a cold pan of batter into the oven . . . that’s the best.

I like to try new recipes, and to feed people. (Anybody; picky eaters are a personal challenge. For example: I became friends with some vegans, so I’m working hard on getting a handle on vegan baking.) And if it’s healthy (the easier to tempt them to eat . . ), well, all the better.

My parents, Bob and Cathy, own Hodgson Mill. It’s very cool, and a little weird, that I can go into a grocery store and I might run into some Hodgson Mill products. (Exploring supermarkets was a mainstay, and running joke, on family vacations.) I like it though. I’m a huge fan of the products–I’ve grown up baking with them, and eating them, and I think they’re worth sharing. I’m incredibly proud of my parents’ hard work and dedication to making really good food, that’s also good for you. They are some of the hardest-working people I know. I love them to pieces.

Also, you should probably know I’m a pretty curious person. I’m a voracious collector of skills. Sewing, drawing, sculpting, juggling, guitar; you name it, I’ve probably dabbled in it. Photography is another interest, and I’m hoping to have some fun with food photography here. (I actually prefer ugly pies . . . I think they taste better. I may have to put some extra effort into presentation for y’all.) I find food history fascinating (what people used to eat and where recipes come from, as well as the provenance of our food, which is a bit tangled these days). I’m hoping to research and share what I find here.

Why am I still talking about me? Let’s talk about food. That’s why we’re all here.

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