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Have a Grain Day!

Hi everybody,


Maybe some of you have noticed our new slogan at Hodgson Mill–Have a Grain Day!–or you’ve seen our new online ads around the net. (If you haven’t seen them, keep browsing your favorite sites like AllRecipes.com, SouthernLiving.com, CoastalLiving.com and many, many more. And if you find one, be sure to click for a chance at a special offer.) Anyway, I thought our new message might warrant a brief introduction.

When all of us here at Hodgson Mill say, “Have a Grain Day!,” what we’re saying is we believe in living a great life and trying to make the world around us a little better. And we invite you to be a part of that.

1. We want to be a good citizen. At Hodgson Mill, we buy domestically-grown grain from right here in America–meaning we support American farmers–and we only accept the highest quality grains. We are committed to non-GMO  products, and where possible, we offer organic flours and mixes.

2. We want to be a good neighbor. To care for our community in and around Effingham, Illinois as well as our world, we have embarked on a green energy adventure, adding solar and wind power generators to our plant. This complements our already stellar 99.9%-effective internal recycling program. This means that if packaging like cardboard and plastic comes into the mill, it will get used or recycled. Period. If you’re interested, you can check out our real-time green energy production stats  on our website.

3. We want to be the best millers we can. We practice the craft of stone grinding our flour, which means we actually use a large stone wheel to grind the grains.  (We’re one of the few mills that actually does this.) We believe this stone grinding, which takes a little more time, care, and thoughtfulness, makes a better product. It’s been done this way for a couple millennia, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We are also nuts about quality and consistency. My dad is “Nutcase #1.” (He’d be proud to hear me call him that. . . I think.)

4. We want to make good nutrition taste goodBy offering you whole grain mixes, pastas, and baking products, and making handy travel packs of healthy add-ins like flax seed, we’re trying to make it easy to make and enjoy good food that’s actually good for you. We are constantly testing and formulating recipes–nutritionists and bakers alike (including Holly and me, Hodgson Mill’s new baker bloggers)–to help you cook well, eat well, and be well.

I try to eat healthy so I can stay active. Like this. What’s your reason?

All of these values hit close to home for me. On a very personal level, because I love baking and feeding people, I have to say that making good, nutritious food available is the one value that matters the most to me, personally; yet even as I say that, I think that . . . well . . . saving the earth isn’t exactly a slouch’s goal either, now is it?

So now I’m wondering, which values are particularly important to you? Did you see anything here you love, or that is news to you? Is there anything we could do better? We’d love to hear from you and, of course, we welcome your replies to this blog.

All our best … I mean, Have a Grain Day! ;)


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Author: Erin

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Avatar  Barbara Christian 4 years agoReply

Hi Erin-You are a very smart recipe maker, I use Hodgson Mill flax seed and grind them up to make my smoothies every day, works great! Good job Erin!

Avatar  Erin 4 years agoReply

Thanks so much Barbara! It's great to hear from you. :) I love using flax seed in my smoothies too - my favorite is frozen berries, banana, and yogurt. I'm thinking I might showcase some of those recipes later this summer when it's just too hot to turn on the oven!

Avatar  Ron 4 years agoReply

cool info!

Avatar  ppropst 4 years agoReply

Thanks Ron, Glad you liked!

Perry Propst, Customer Service Manager

Avatar  Lindsay 6 years agoReply


I love your company's products and these recipes sound delicious! Keep 'em coming. I love to cook and bake and often make substitutions to make treats healthier and pump-up the nutrition. I think that it would be fantastic if you included approximate nutritional stats for some of your recipes.

Avatar  eringoldstein 6 years agoReply

Hi Lindsay,

Thanks! We do intend to keep the recipes coming. :) I think nutritional stats are a good idea, I'm going to ask and see if it's a possibility.

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