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Peach Prosciutto Pizza on No-Knead Whole Wheat Semolina Crust

Don’t be skeptical. Peaches, crispy prosciutto and shallots with creamy goat cheese and herbs on a chewy, crispy crust made with three different wholesome flours is a winning summer pizza combination.  That’s right, three different flours – Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Flour, White Whole Wheat Flour, and Semolina Pasta Flour. This dough is a whole wheat overachiever.

You’ll need peaches that are firm but ripe for this pizza – don’t use the ones that squish into juice in your hand as you cut. (You know the ones. Keep those and eat them over the sink, like they’re meant to be eaten.)  The firmer ones will still get deliciously juicy and soft in the heat of the oven.

You might remember that Holly made a beautiful Grilled Peach Pizza on Honey Whole Wheat Crust last year. She used a bread machine to mix up the dough and let it rise.  My bread machine bit the dust a while back, so while I’m without one I’ve been experimenting a lot with no-knead bread baking. Mix it up once, and it lasts for ten days in the fridge! How awesome is that? Pizza crust is one of my favorite things to make with the no-knead method, because you don’t even have to let it rise a second time.

I was done mixing up the dough so quickly that I forgot to take a picture –literally, all you do is proof the yeast in warm water, mix up the dry ingredients, then mix the two until it’s combined, no kneading required. One rise, and it’s ready to go. It can be done days in advance, and pulled out of the fridge at a moment’s notice. Win!


Once your dough is ready, tear off a softball sized piece and stretch and press it flat. Really work the dough to get it thin so it will crisp up. It won't want to, but keep pressing it out. I coax mine by squeezing and stretching around the edge several times, and then pressing it out further when it’s on the parchment paper with a little olive oil on top.

Just for scale, these pizzas are about 9 x 12 inch rectangles. Each pizza serves one to one and a half people, depending on their appetite.

 I love how bright and colorful the pizzas are when they’re ready to pop into the oven . . .

. . . and I love the golden, saturated colors when they’re freshly baked.


Isn’t that a thing of beauty? 

If you want, you can top it with velvety, peppery-tasting arugula leaves and another drizzle of olive oil. Or have that as a side salad if you’d prefer.


The peaches turn into crescent-shaped pieces of jam – a sweet counterpoint to the savory herbs, meat, shallots and cheese – all cradled by the sturdy olive oil-infused crust that’s studded with toasty cornmeal.

Peach Prosciutto Pizza on No-Knead Whole Wheat Semolina Crust 


  • 1 recipe No-Knead Whole Wheat Semolina Pizza Dough (recipe below)
  • 3-4 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil divided
  • 4 firm-ripe peaches cut into thin wedges
  • 4 prosciutto slices, torn into pieces (or 4 pieces bacon, cooked and crumbled)
  • 4 oz mild goat cheese soft, crumbled
  • 1 cup shallots finely sliced, separated into rings
  • 2 tsp rosemary fresh, torn
  • 2 Tbsp thyme fresh leaves
  • 1 cup arugula packed
  • sea salt
  • pepper fresh, ground
  • cornmeal or semolina or rice flour for pizza peel


Place baking stone on a rack near bottom of oven, and heat oven to 475° F. Lightly sprinkle some flour or cornmeal on a pizza peel, or on a pan with parchment paper. (A pizza peel is a wide flat “shovel" and the traditional Italian tool for sliding pizzas onto and off of the baking stone in a hot oven.  A thin cutting board with a handle or a flat cookie sheet with no lip makes a good improvised pizza peel.) 

Start by tearing off two softball-sized pieces of dough. On prepared peel or pan, stretch and press out dough until you have two pizza crusts, each ½-inch thick and about 8-10 inches wide.  (Crusts may be irregular –those pictured above are about 9 x 12 inch rectangles.)

Spread each formed crust with 1 teaspoon olive oil, all the way to the edge. Mix fresh herbs and shallots with 1-2 Tb olive oil until coated. Then evenly arrange peach slices, crumbles of goat cheese, sprinkles of prosciutto pieces and oil-coated shallots and herbs out to within 1/2" of the edge.

Each 8-10 inch pizza will use 1 sliced peach, 1 ounce goat cheese, ¼ cup shallots, and 1 sheet of chopped prosciutto. (This recipe is for 4 8-10 inch pizzas.)

Working quickly, transfer finished pizzas to baking stone in preheated oven. If using only cornmeal or rice flour on the pizza peel, first test the peel by giving a small, quick jerk, to see if the prepared pizza will slide easily. If not, add more cornmeal or rice flour and test again. Be careful to remove any excess loose cornmeal or rice flour, as it will burn on the baking stone.  If using parchment paper, then entire sheet of paper with cornmeal and pizzas can be slid onto the baking stone.

Bake 12-14 minutes. When finished, edges of pizza will be lightly browned. Goat cheese will also be browned, and prosciutto and edges of shallots will get crispy and dark. (Loose cornmeal or rice flour on the baking stone may burn before the pizza does. If you smell burning during cooking time, and some loose flour or cornmeal looks blackened, this is likely the source of the burned smell.) Remove from oven and allow to rest several minutes.

Repeat dough stretching and topping for another 2 8-10 inch pizzas and bake according to directions.

When pizzas are slightly cooled, spread ¼ cup arugula over top of each pizza then drizzle each lightly with another teaspoon of olive oil.  Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot.


 Makes 4 8-10 inch pizzas, serving 4-6.

Notes: Pizzas may be cooked on a baking sheet without a baking stone, but may not be as crisp. Use parchment paper and/or cornmeal regardless to prevent sticking.

No-Knead Whole Wheat Semolina Pizza Dough

Adapted from
Foodie with Family

Mix yeast and sugar in warm water and let sit 5 minutes, or until bubbly. Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl or 6-quart capacity bucket. Then add olive oil and proofed yeast to dry ingredients.  Stir just until completely combined.  There is no need to knead the dough.

Cover lightly. Do not use a tight lid. Let rest at room temperature until the dough has doubled and collapsed, about 2 hours.

Dough can be used for pizza immediately. Refrigerate any leftovers in the container, lightly covered (again, do not use a tight lid!) for up to 10 days.

Notes: If you need to store the dough beyond 10 days, divide into individual pizza-sized servings, about the size of a softball. Freeze in re-sealable plastic bags coated with a teaspoon of olive oil. Thaw in fridge completely before use.


This recipe makes enough dough for about 2-3 full size 16-18 inch pizzas, or 4-6 individual 8-10 inch pizzas.

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