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Strawberry Milkshake Overnight Oats

I love chocolate as much as the next person, but in the springtime, I’m all about strawberry.  Strawberry pie, muffins, scones, shortcakes – you name it, if it involves strawberries, it has a place on my menu.  Another thing that comes with the changing seasons for me is a switch from hot oatmeal to cool, creamy overnight oats.  Overnight oats are quick and easy to prepare, include a nutritious serving of whole grains, and can be flavored to taste like almost anything, even a strawberry milkshake.  Be still my strawberry-loving heart.   

Using French vanilla yogurt is the key to creating a milkshake-like flavor in this recipe.  It adds the perfect amount of sweetness without turning this healthy breakfast into an actual dessert.  And thanks to Hodgson Mill Thick Rolled Oats and Hodgson Mill Flax Chia Blend each creamy, strawberry bite has the goodness of whole grains as well as a boost of fiber and protein, which help keep the mid-morning munchies away.

Start your day with a bowl of Strawberry Milkshake Overnight Oats; they’re quick, easy, and with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a dollop of whipped coconut cream, downright heavenly.  Be sure to take a look at our blog for more great-tasting strawberry recipes.  I’m sure you’ll find plenty of ways to put one of spring’s finest fruits to good use.  Enjoy!  


Whipped Coconut Cream

  • 1/2 cup coconut cream, chilled
  • 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 Tbsp. powdered sugar


Combine the strawberries and sugar in a small bowl and set aside for 10 to 15 minutes to macerate. Place the yogurt, macerated strawberries, vanilla, and salt into a food processor and blend until well combined and smooth. Set aside. Add the oats, chia/flax blend and milk to a standard-size Mason jar and pour in the strawberry/yogurt mixture. Stir well, cover and refrigerate for six hours or overnight. Scoop out individual portions and top with chocolate syrup and whipped coconut cream if desired. Leftovers can be stored in the sealed jar in the refrigerator for up to five days.
Whipped Coconut Cream

Place coconut cream, vanilla and powdered sugar in a medium-size bowl and beat on high speed with an electric mixer until soft peaks form.  Serve with Strawberry Milkshake Overnight Oats. Store leftover whipped cream in an airtight container for up to five days. 

You can find Strawberry Milkshake Overnight Oats and other recipes from Hodgson Mill by visiting the Recipes page.

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