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Sorghum, Quinoa & Brown Rice Sides

Some of the newest and most exciting items to join the Hodgson Mill family are the Sorghum, Quinoa & Brown Rice Sides. A delightful mix of ancient grains and spices all in one package bring a tasty and healthy dish to your family’s dinner table.

With a texture very similar to risotto, the Sorghum Sides are a great addition to your next meal as a side dish or added to the main dish! The choices of flavors range from Parmesan to Chipotle, there is a flavor to please every one and every taste.


Ready in twenty minutes, the Sorghum, Quinoa & Brown Rice Sides are easy and user-friendly. Simply add water, boil, let simmer, and serve! Easy! The hardest part will be to choose which flavor you should make tonight!

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Author: Carrie

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