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For a limited time, save $.75 on either Hodgson Mill or Kentucky Kernel products with these manufacturers' coupons! Thank you to all our customers - and Have a Grain Day!

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Monthly Giving - During the month of July, a portion of profits from Whole Wheat Spaghetti will be donated to Super Food Drive, a charity working to get healthier foods into food pantries to bring nutrition to those who need it most. Whole Wheat Spaghetti is one of the nutrient-dense, shelf-stable staples they recommend to give to charity, so buy some for you, and some for those who need it in your community!  Stock up, feel good, do good!


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Past Contests

Whole Grain Sampling Day

Wed. March 30th is Whole Grains Sampling Day thanks to the Whole Grains Council! To celebrate, we'll be giving away a sample pack of one Quinoa & Brown Rice and one Sorghum Quinoa & Brown Rice to one lucky winner every hour, on the hour, on Facebook and Twitter. That's 18 chances to win! Like us, Follow us, and enter for your chance to win!

How else do you plan to #SampleWholeGrains? :)

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