Cereals: Where a “Grain Day” Begins.

Whole grains provide sustained energy for whatever the day brings. Our whole grain cereals are healthy, delicious ways to launch the morning. They make for healthy snacks, too. Wake up to the many sensational cereals of Hodgson Mill. And “Have a Grain Day!”

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Oat Bran Cereal


Multi Grain Cereal  
with Quinoa & Flax
Steel Cut Oats 


Cracked Wheat Cereal
Bulgur Wheat
Apples & More Muesli


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Oat Bran Hot Cereal

Loved by people across the country for its premium whole grain taste and smooth, delicious texture, our popular Oat Bran Cereal is also a favorite of dietitians and nutrition professionals who tell us they often recommend it for weight management and as a way to add more fiber to your diet – one serving delivers nearly 1/4 the fiber you need each day! 

To make this cereal, premium oats are specially milled to separate the fibrous coat, or “bran” layer, from the rest of the kernel. There’s no added sodium or sugar, just the goodness of oats and oat bran.

• Delicious and easy to make
• Excellent source of fiber – and has both soluble and insoluble fiber!
 Helps promote digestive health
 Keeps you satisfied, to help with weight management 
 Can even help lower blood pressure and cholesterol
• Ready in minutes!

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Multigrain Hot Cereal with Quinoa & Flax

A delicious mix of cracked whole grains, this hearty hot cereal is packed with superfood nutrition – heart-healthy oat bran, cracked wheat, wheat bran, and wheat germ are nutrition all-stars, and we’ve added protein-packed quinoa and our own milled flax seed for Omega-3’s. There’s no added sugar or sodium, just wholesome whole grains and flavor. 

• Excellent source of fiber, especially insoluble fiber
• Ready in minutes
• Delicious hearty taste, great for adding to baking too!

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Steel Cut Oats

Premium oats, carefully cross-cut, for the perfect texture. People who say they “don’t like oatmeal” try our Steel Cut Oats, and tell us they can’t get enough! Make a big batch and reheat portions for breakfast all week, or try some popular overnight crock pot recipes for an incredibly easy and delicious start to your day

• 100% whole grain oats
• Wonderful cross-cut texture
• Great for baking or toasting for toppings

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Cracked Wheat Cereal

100% whole wheat kernels are carefully cracked for faster cooking and a perfect, creamy texture. An excellent source of fiber, start your day with whole grains to help with your weight management, digestive health, and cardiovascular health.

• 100% whole grain wheat
• Delicious whole grain flavor
• Also great for baking multigrain breads

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Bulgur Wheat

To make nutty, delicious Bulgur wheat, whole wheat kernels are steamed, dried, and cracked to make them quicker-cooking. It’s been made this way since ancient times – it may even have been the first “convenience food” since it cooks quicker and is easy to store. In modern times, it’s equally tasty as a fluffy hot cereal, in a veggie pilaf, or in flavorful herb-packed tabooli – however you enjoy it, it’s high in fiber and protein and a wonderful whole grain choice!

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Apples & More Muesli

Combine the goodness of rolled oats, barley, and rye with crunchy sunflower seeds, sweet dried apples and plump raisins, and nutty milled flax seed, and you’ve got a recipe for a good morning. Enjoy hot or cold; you can even soak overnight in orange juice or milk for a quick refreshing breakfast! Like all our cereals, there is no added salt or sugar, just whole grain goodness.

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