The Gold Standard of Food Standards

It's called "premium quality". It applies to the ingredients we use, the products we make, the processes we use to make them, and the standards we apply at every step.

We choose premium wheat, oats, rye, corn. Of the highest grade. From the U.S.A. We clean it twice before grinding, removing the chaff and broken kernels. Only the plumpest, ripest grain berries make it through.

We mill with premium methods. The way Hodgson Mill grinds grains today is not much different from how Alva Hodgson did it 1882. We mill the grains gently and carefully between two millstones, cut and shaped from genuine North Carolina red granite.

This premium milling ensures that the grain's nutritious germ, bran and natural oils are fully preserved. Good. Your body wants and needs this.

From there, our "just in time" production process ensures the freshly ground grain goes directly to the package. Why? Because freshness means flavor.

These same premium standards apply to our commitment to Non-GMO, sustainability, organic, gluten-free, kosher and BRC foods.

And, oh, yes. There's something else that comes with having premium standards. It's called a guarantee.

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