Have a Grain Day - and a Green Day.

“Sustainability,” Wikipedia reminds us, is the capacity to endure. Renewable energy is a crucial component. Think about it: nature has powered Hodgson Mill from the start. Back then, it was water.

Today, it’s increasingly sun and wind. Renewable energy systems at our Effingham, Illinois, headquarters include four solar module arrays and two state-of-the-art Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. In other words, solar panels and windmills. Part of the company’s ongoing Green Initiative.

Each solar array is ground-mounted on a dual-axis solar tracking system, which automatically rotates to capture the full power of the sun, improving output by 24% in the winter and 42% in the summer, compared to a fixed array solar installation. The wind turbines, meanwhile, can generate power in winds as low as 6 mile per hour!

See how much CO2 and gas we’ve saved, and how much electricity we generate this way, on our live 24/7 solar and wind stats page. You’ll find the results energizing.

Says Hodgson Mill President Bob Goldstein: “We feel our investment in renewable energy is just the right thing to do. We hope other manufacturers follow suit. If we all do a little bit, just think of the positive impact we could have on our environment. Our customers can always feel good about buying our high quality, wholesome and organic products. Now they can feel great about how we produce them in a sustainable way utilizing renewable energy.”

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