It Started With a Mill. And a Man Named Hodgson.

Alva Hodgson, a pioneering Missouri millwright, and the sturdy water-driven grain mill that came to bear his name: there begins the Hodgson Mill legacy.

Deep in the rugged heart of the Missouri Ozarks, the original mill site came to life in 1837. A second mill, built in 1861, burned down as Missouri endured the chaos of the Civil War. Finally, the sturdy building you see in the picture was constructed in 1882. Sited against a tree-covered limestone bluff, over an abundantly flowing clear spring, it was this fine paddle wheel mill that Alva Hodgson made his own.

A master millwright, Alva Hodgson was an expert in grinding grain. As the mill's business grew, Alva later partnered in the operation with his brother, George.  After operating successfully for thirteen years, Alva imported traditional French buhrstones and drew up plans for a more modern turbine-drive mill, and hired an engineer to develop and implement the needed machinery.

The business thrived, and the old Hodgson Mill continued to grind grains through the early decades of the 1900’s, long after founder Alva Hodgson had passed. Alva’s name had become synonymous with the mill itself, and true to his nature, the mill kept working while most traditional stone gristmills across America were shuttered. In 1969, the still-producing mill company became officially known as Hodgson Mill, Inc.

Over the years, as the popularity of naturally milled grains grew, Hodgson Mill enhanced its line of milled flours to begin producing a variety of wholesome, whole-grain products. By the 1970s, interest in natural, non-processed foods was heating up across the country, and the old mill was straining to keep up with orders. Hodgson Mill expanded and modernized its milling facilities in 1976 to keep pace.

Hodgson Mill has come of age in the 21st century, but our roots still lie with the tradition and quality that master millwright Alva Hodgson established so many years ago. We're still stone-grinding grains, taking away nothing, adding nothing, and keeping a tradition of natural goodness.

Alva would be proud.

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