The Pillars of Hodgson Mill

Hodgson Mill has principles that support us and hold us up. We call these our pillars.

We believe in making life better. That starts with making nutritious foods of the highest quality, because we think life's better when you take care of yourself and your health.

We look for grains that are of the highest grade, produced domestically wherever available, and purchased in the United States. That's being a good citizen.

We use only stoneground milling to ensure, unlike other mills, that our products contain the entire nutritional benefit of the grain. That's being a good Miller.

Then we make sure that our products taste great, so you and your family can enjoy the fruits of nature's labors. That's being a good chef.

And finally, we try to make life better in our community and our world, starting with a real commitment to solar and wind power at our mill and an award-winning recycling program. That's being a good neighbor.

When you live a great life, you can take on life with a positive, healthy, optimistic attitude and get it done, whatever "it" is. And because we are proud of our products, and want to share them to help the people who buy and depend on them, we invite them to "Have a Grain Day!"

Here's a student video about the building of historical Hodgson Mill in Sycamore, Missouri.

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