Gluten Free Potato Starch

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Dietary: Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Paleo-Friendly, Peanut-Free, Soy-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Potato starch is a flavorless, grain-free starch that thickens soups, stews, and gravies with a silky smooth texture. (Please note, this is different from potato flour.)

Often used in gluten free flour blends for light, fluffy baked goods. Since it is grain-free, you can also use it with Almond Meal and Coconut Flour to make lighter, fluffier paleo baked goods. Comes in a handy resealable bag for your convenience!

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Product Details

Ingredient List
Ingredients: Gluten Free Potato Starch


Kosher-Orthodox Union Parve        
Non-GMO Project Verified   
Certified Gluten Free – Currently NCA, transitioning to GFCO


How is it made? 
Potato Starch is made from the dried starch component of peeled potatoes. It has no potato flavor so works well in most recipes, sweet or savory.


Storage Recommendation
Dry product may be stored at room temperature, in refrigerator, or in freezer at least until the code date on the package. Prepared product should be consumed within 1 week of preparation


Look For (smell, taste, description)
Light, fine powdery texture, brilliant white in color, odorless


Ready to eat? 
Item is not ready to eat, it must be thoroughly cooked.


Usage Suggestions
Use as an ingredient in baked goods.
Use as a great thickener in gravies, sauces, and even in custards and puddings, which typically use cornstarch.


Nutrition Info

Health Information
No Fat      
No Cholesterol    
No Trans Fat         
 <1g sugar       
Low Sodium      
Wheat Free      


Allergen Information

Wheat Free
Gluten Free
Produced in a peanut free environment.
Produced in an facility that processes tree nuts (Almond).
Produced on dedicated food contact surfaces free of tree nuts and gluten. 

Tips & FAQ’s

Substitution Ratio

Potato Starch can replace Corn starch in a recipe in a 1:1 ratio. If a recipe calls for 1 Tbsp. corn starch, use 1 Tbsp. potato starch.

How do I use Potato Starch?
As part of the starch component of a gluten free flour blend, potato starch lends a light, fluffy texture to baked goods. It is also a great thickener in gravies, sauces, and even in custards and puddings, which typically use cornstarch. But, if you use potato starch as a thickener for a liquid (like gravy or a sauce), here’s a very useful tip: Unlike cornstarch, a liquid thickened with potato starch should never be boiled. The potato starch loses its ability to thicken once boiled.


Is this starch considered whole grain?
No, it is made from potatoes, which are not a grain.


Is Potato Starch the same thing as Potato Flour? 
No, Potato flour is made from whole potatoes (most of the time even the peel is included). The potatoes can be raw or cooked. Either way they are first dried then ground into flour. The result is a heavy, cream colored flour with a distinct potato flavor.


Is your Potato starch modified or unmodified? 
Our starch is unmodified. It goes through a drying process to remove moisture.  


Is your potato starch pre-gelatinized?
No, it goes through a drying process to remove the moisture, but it is not a pre-gel.


Are there sulfites in this product? 
Sulfites are not found “in quantities greater than 10mg/kg” which  meets FDA limits of < 10 ppm requiring declaration.


Do you use sulfur (dioxide) in your potato starch to keep the potatoes from browning?