Gluten Free Quick Rolled Oats

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Dietary: Clean Eating, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Peanut-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Whole Grain

Boost your energy levels with the classic taste and whole grain goodness of rolled oats! Just about everyone can use more oats in their diet -- this humble superfood may help digestive health, lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, and may even help reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Why not start every day with them?

Now in a resealable pouch! Whole Grain Quick Rolled Oats are cut thinner to cook up in just minutes, but give you all the whole grain power your body needs! Add your favorite fruit or nuts to cooked oatmeal, or use in favorite recipes like no-bake cookies or granola bars. Only the highest-quality oats, cut and rolled to meticulous standards, go into this naturally healthy product. No added sugar or salt.


Product Details

Ingredient List
Ingredients: Whole grain oats


Kosher -Orthodox Union Parve    
Non-GMO Project Verified        
Whole Grain Stamp 100%
Certified Gluten Free – currently NCA, transitioning to GFCO.


How it’s made
Rolled oats are oat groats that have been steamed to soften them and then pressed or rolled to flatten them. The rolled oats are dried and packaged. Rolled oats retain the nutty flavor and chewy texture of oat groats, but they absorb water and cook more quickly than steel cut oats, which are simply cut oat groats.


Storage Recommendation
Dry product may be stored at room temperature, in refrigerator, or in freezer at least until the code date on the package. 


Look For (smell, taste, description)
Pieces range from small to medium size bits- light to light tan in color-mild whole grain scent


Ready to eat? 
This product is ready to eat and can be eaten without cooking.


Usage Suggestions
Cook as a hot cereal
Make overnight oats by soaking with milk and ingredients
Use as an ingredient in baked goods
Make no-bake energy balls or bites
Make crispy, crumbly granola


Nutrition Info

Nutrition Benefits - 46g serving
Protein – 6g Good source of protein
Dietary fiber – 5g considered high fiber2g soluble 3g insoluble
Iron – 10%
Calcium – 2%
Potassium - 170mg per 46 g serving


Health Information
No Sodium    
No Trans Fat      
No Sugar      
No Cholesterol      
Wheat Free    
Gluten Free  
Whole Grain 46g per serving (100%)


Allergen Info

Allergen Information
Gluten Free      
Produced in a peanut free environment    
Equipment is Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free.
Produced in an environment that also processes tree nuts. Equipment food contact surfaces are dedicated tree nut free. 
Shared equipment with Gluten Free, Non-GMO Cornstarch.


Tips & FAQ’s

Substitution ratios in recipes:
Cookie recipes: Use rolled oats for at least some of the flour, but texture and taste will change. Substitute rolled oats at a ratio of 1-1/3 parts rolled oats to 1 part flour. It provides structure in cookies when combined with sugar, butter, eggs and other ingredients. Rolled oats add a chewy, nutty flavor to cookies, as well as a rough, bumpy texture. The cookies might not hold together as well if you use all rolled oats and no flour. For best results, substitute only half the flour with rolled oats. 

Muffins: Suggestions of ½ cup oats in place of ¼ cup flour or 1/3 cup oats for 1/4 cup flour. Some suggest putting oats in blender to make them finer. May need to adjust the moisture in your recipe,keep in mind quick oats absorb slightly more moisture. Suggestion for recipe calling for 2 cups of flour, use 1 cup thick oats and 1¼ cups of flour.


Where do your oats come from?
Western Canadian Prairie provinces


Is it considered whole grain?
Yes, it has the 100% whole grain stamp.

What is the difference between quick rolled oats and thick rolled oats? 
They are very similar.  They are both 100 percent natural and only contain oats. They have exactly the same nutritive value as each other. Old fashioned  thick rolled oats are steamed and rolled to a moderate thickness. Quick oats are cut slightly smaller than old fashioned oats and are steamed and rolled to a thinner size. Each piece of old fashioned oatmeal will probably have a consistent oval shape. With quick oats, the size and shape varies slightly because they were cut smaller. In both cases, 1/2 cup of dry oats makes up one serving.
Can they be used interchangeably?
Quick-cooking oats and old-fashioned oats are interchangeable, as long as you consider the differences between the two. Both have been flattened with large rollers, but quick-cooking oats are cut into smaller pieces first. As a result, quick-cooking oats cook faster, and they offer a more delicate texture to baked goods and desserts. If you want a heartier texture, use old-fashioned oats. You will need slightly more water if you are using quick oats than you need with old fashioned oats. This is because the quick oats, with their smaller size, absorb slightly more water than the old fashioned oats.

How can I be sure it is gluten free? 
Hodgson Mill has over 50 high quality Gluten Free products, carefully produced to ensure taste and safety. Each product is Certified Gluten Free by a reputable third-party organization. We are currently certified under the National Celiac Association and we are in the process of changing to the Gluten Free Certification Organization. Both certifications help us guarantee that our products are far under the legal FDA limit of 20ppm (parts per million) gluten.

How many grams equals 1 cup?

How much beta glucan is in a 46g serving?
Approximately 2g.  It may vary with crop conditions.

Does this product contain glyphosates?
No. Our grain vendor for oats is one of the few companies that have announced that they will reject oats exposed to glyphosate, since oats exposed to glyphosate did not meet their quality standards for the grain. The farmers that grow our oats signed an affidavit stating they will not use glyphosate on the oats.

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