Organic All Purpose White Flour

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Dietary: Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Kosher, Peanut-Free, Tree-Nut Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Hodgson Mill Organic All Purpose White Flour is unbleached, unbromated, and unenriched, and contains no chemical additives or preservatives. (We figured, why mess with perfection?)

When you bake with it, you're guaranteed delicious cakes, breads, muffins, and cookies with a pure taste and a creamy ivory color untouched by heat or harsh chemicals like chlorine. Combine this unbleached white flour with our other organic whole grain flours like rye, buckwheat, whole wheat, and oat for extra whole grain nutrition.

Baking with 1/2 high quality white flour and 1/2 whole grain flour means a lighter taste and texture, but still adding the nutritional benefits of whole grains! Many people find it a great way to become accustomed to whole grain baking and make their favorite recipes a little healthier.

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Product Details

Ingredient List
Ingredients: 100% Organic Wheat Flour (Unbleached and Unenriched)


Kosher-Orthodox Union Parve      
USDA Organic certified organic      
Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
Non-GMO Project Verified  


How is it made? 
Premium quality organic wheat berries are selected, cleaned, and milled to a fine texture. Millers sift off the coarse bran and germ using screens and sieves, leaving only the creamy white portion known as “all-purpose flour.” 


Storage Recommendation
Dry product may be stored at room temperature, in refrigerator, or in freezer at least until the code date on the package. 
Prepared product should be consumed within 1 week of preparation.

Look For (smell, taste, description)
Creamy white in color, very fine texture, light or no discernable scent.


Ready to eat? 
Item is not ready to eat, it must be thoroughly cooked.

Usage Suggestions
To be used in most recipes, whenever all-purpose flour is called for
Used in gravies and sauces
Bake cakes, cookies, breads, muffins etc.

Nutrition Info

Health Information
No Fat 
No Saturated Fat 
No Trans Fat 
No Cholesterol 
No Sodium 

Nutrition Benefits
No bleaching or chemicals are added.        
Color of the flour is due to only the endosperm of the wheat is used and natural bleaching from oxygen in the air.  

Allergen Information

Contains Wheat.
Produced in a Peanut/Tree Nut free facility.
Produced in a Soy and Egg free environment.
Produced on equipment free of Dairy.


Tips & FAQ’s

How much does 1 cup of this flour weigh?
1 cup organic all-purpose white flour is 159 grams.


What does naturally white mean?
No chemicals or additives are used to whiten this product. 

How do I use this product?
You can use this just like any other all-purpose flour. Vital wheat gluten should be added for better performance in yeast breads. One tsp. per cup of flour.

Is this whole grain flour?
No, the bran and germ are sifted and separated away.
What kind of wheat is used?
Hard Red Winter Wheat
Can I use this in a bread machine?  
Yes. It’s best to follow a bread machine recipe or a manual provided by your bread machine manufacturer. As a rule, use no more than 3-1/2 total cups of flour. (You may use only All Purpose Flour if you want). Add liquids first, then add dry ingredients, next add the fat, then add the yeast last.

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