Our History

America has trusted healthy Hodgson Mill products for generations. Our story stretches back to the early days after the American Revolution and Westward Expansion. Traditional products, made the traditional way.

Deep in the rugged heart of the Missouri Ozarks, the original mill site came to life.
A mill at this site was burned down as Missouri endured the chaos of the Civil War.
Master Millwright Alva Hodgson built the sturdy water mill you see in our logo.
The still-producing mill company became officially known as Hodgson Mill, Inc.
The original Mill hit the milestone (and its limit) of 1 million pounds of flours and meals per year.
Hodgson Mill expanded to a modern facility to scale up and meet demand.
Production capacity expanded again, moving to a state-of-the-art facility to meet rising safety standards.
Hodgson Mill Mercantile opened in Effingham IL, offering the wide product range made in the local plant, as well as other products, crafts, and gifts from other local and family-owned businesses.
Added an education center for cooking classes and events.

Our Mission and Vision

“Our mission is to responsibly provide safe, authentic ingredients inspiring consumer creativity.”

We continually strive to be the industry leader in quality and service through Community Outreach, Product Innovation and Consumer Education. We are committed to enhancing the lives of our Employees, Partners & Consumers. We aim to create Sustainable Products for a Sustainable Future.

Family Company

Hodgson Mill is a family-owned business. The company has grown from a local business into a national leader in whole grain products.