Flooding in Southern Missouri Has Historic Hodgson Mill Underwater

  Photo taken from video captured by Aerial Ozarks In late April/early May 2017, a storm system dumped many inches of rain over the central US, and Southern Missouri, where the original Hodgson Mill is located, was particularly hard hit. Roads, bridges, and homes were destroyed, and many people were displaced...

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Hodgson Mill Upgrades Wind Turbines for More Sustainable Energy

Project is part of larger Green Initiative which includes solar & recycling EFFINGHAM, ILLINOIS – October 11, 2016: Hodgson Mill Inc.is upgrading and replacing their existing two wind turbines with a sleeker, more modern, efficient and powerful style.   Beginning Oct. 11th, local Central Illinois firm Midwest Green Energy, LLC...

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Fresh New Package Designs for Your Old Favorites

Here at Hodgson Mill we're redesigning our entire line of products for a fresh look, greater consistency, and even more user-friendly directions and recipes. Customers will now be able recognize the Hodgson Mill brand no matter which aisle products are stocked in their local grocery stores. New designs are already...

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