Fresh New Package Designs for Your Old Favorites

Here at Hodgson Mill we're redesigning our entire line of products for a fresh look, greater consistency, and even more user-friendly directions and recipes. Customers will now be able recognize the Hodgson Mill brand no matter which aisle products are stocked in their local grocery stores. New designs are already appearing in some places, but it may take time as product in our old-style packaging filters through warehouses and distributors.



It’s been a long time coming – we’ve grown and expanded, introduced whole new lines of products and even broken into new categories in the past few years. Plus, grocery stores are constantly evolving. Up until now, the small team in our family company has always done things a little at a time. Finally, we’re taking a good long look at everything we do to bring it together with a consistent design and offer even more helpful directions and recipes for our customers. 

Here’s a note from our in-house designer Michael on his inspiration for our new look:

Hodgson Mill started as a grist mill in the Ozarks, stone grinding wheat and corn. Those products were sewn into flour sacks for transport and sale. The background texture on all our new designs reflect back to the flour bag texture we started with back in 1882. That same flour sack texture is now on plastic pouches, paper flour bags, and cardboard cartons.

The red topper on all our designs is the same color as the original grist mill in Missouri, tying the newest designs to our historic roots.

And our logo still proudly represents that historic mill we started with.

The designs are brighter, able to be found in different sections of the store, and recognized instantly. 

So even while we’re looking back at where we came from, we’re looking ahead to be even more user-friendly in the future.

One 'early adopter' just  called our customer service team to share,

 "'I'm so happy with the new Oat Bran Cereal packaging. The directions are much more visible in the new format. It was getting to the point that I had to use a magnifier to read it. Eyesight does fail, and things like packaging you can read can help draw people to your product!"

We couldn't agree more.  Check out these “before-and-after” pictures – is your favorite getting a facelift?


We’ve been working hard and we hope you love these new designs as much as we do –you can keep a look out and share your thoughts with us on social media when you see them on a shelf near you! Tag us @hodgsonmill or #hodgsonmill