Flooding in Southern Missouri Has Historic Hodgson Mill Underwater


Photo taken from video captured by Aerial Ozarks

In late April/early May 2017, a storm system dumped many inches of rain over the central US, and Southern Missouri, where the original Hodgson Mill is located, was particularly hard hit. Roads, bridges, and homes were destroyed, and many people were displaced into shelters to wait for waters to recede.

Our hearts sank when we saw video footage of the historic mill underwater up to the porch roof. We were moved to make a donation to support the American Red Cross's disaster relief efforts in the region, and we hope you will join us in supporting the shelters and rescue efforts in our neighbors' time of need.

Donate to support Red Cross Disaster Relief Efforts

Even though our operations are no longer based there - we now have facilities in Effingham Illinois - we still feel a strong connection to the Southern Missouri area. One of our longest-standing employees staffs the Hodgson Mill General Store in Ava MO, and helps coordinate our logistics and shipping. We certainly hope that rebuilding for those communities and families affected happens swiftly and that the region rebounds, as it has had to many times before.

The original Hodgson Mill was built in the 1800's by Alva Hodgson. It is now privately owned and we do not know of restoration plans at this time.