Hodgson Mill Hires Joshua Emmons as Corporate Chef and Food / Recipe Expert

Joshua Emmons brings over 20 years of skill and experience in a wide range of cooking, baking and educational culinary roles, including professional Le Cordon Bleu training

Hodgson Mill has announced the hiring of Joshua Emmons as the company’s new Corporate Chef. Joshua will be responsible for a wide array of customer and consumer relations and education, recipe creation and HM food products innovation, and supporting sales and marketing efforts such as direct chef-to-chef outreach for the company’s foodservice accounts.

“We’re very excited to bring Joshua and his wonderful creative cooking talent into the Hodgson Mill family,” said Erin Goldstein, Marketing Brand Manager. “We really enjoy the heartfelt relationships we have with our customers and retail partners, and Joshua will be terrific for growing those. He will be such an asset for us and our customers as a resource for ideas, delicious new recipes and products, and interacting directly to teach and build genuine relationships with the public. We’re always striving for Hodgson Mill to be so much more than just another product on the store shelf.”

Goldstein noted that responsibilities for the HM Corporate Chef will be wide-ranging and go beyond simply recipe development and cooking demonstrations. Duties for the position include developing and hosting educational and cooking programs at the Hodgson Mill Mercantile Store at their Effingham, IL headquarters; finding new and innovative uses for HM ingredients manufactured for both foodservice and consumers; recipe creation; new-product ingredient consulting and formula R&D; informative content and educational materials development; and chef-to-chef relationships with Hodgson Mill foodservice clients.

Hodgson Mill Corporate Chef Joshua Emmons

Emmons stated that while food trends are born in restaurants, the ingredients are what really makes great cooking possible. “I’m excited that Hodgson Mill is committed to creating a true food and cooking innovation center. They’re allowing me to build a kitchen that will develop great foods, then share those discoveries and insights with our customers, from amateurs and home cooks to other professional chefs and food companies.  Cooking can be complex; my passion is to educate and make all its facets accessible, understandable, and fun.”

 A native of Jasper, IN, Joshua Emmons’ professional experience began at age 15 with cooking classes and early culinary school instruction, leading to an early chef position for a small Italian restaurant at just 19 years old. Emmons then attended Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia, and Sullivan University (Louisville, KY).  Over the course of his ensuing career accumulated extensive and varied culinary experience including restaurant and personal chef, catering, baking (breads & pastries), cooking instructor and education roles, as well as applied knowledge and ongoing research into food sourcing, gardening, food biology, ingredients, and more.