Flax Chia Egg Replacer

 Egg-free is not a problem with this EASY egg replacer from Hodgson Mill!

Tip: Flax Chia Egg Replacer

Did you know Flax Chia makes a handy egg replacer? Maybe you’re baking for someone with an egg allergy, or sometimes you go to bake a cake and you’re one egg short. Either way, Flax Chia can step in to replace an egg in a pinch.

Egg-free is not a problem with this EASY egg replacer from Hodgson Mill!

It’s simple: Just mix 1 Tbsp. Flax Chia (one travel packet is perfect) with 3 Tbsp. warm water, stir, and let sit until it gels and thickens like an egg white. Then use it in your recipe just as you would an egg!


What’s different when you use Flax Chia to replace an egg? Well, you add the inflammation-fighting Omega-3’s of Flax and Chia Seeds to your recipe, along with the protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals of these super seeds. Using Flax Chia in place of eggs can change the appearance or texture slightly: you might also notice your baked goods might brown a little faster, or you might see some brown flecks in light-colored recipes, and you may notice your recipe is slightly denser or moister than you are used to. But it’s generally not a huge difference.  And the taste? We bet you won’t even notice! Flax Chia has a mild, nutty flavor that blends right into tasty baked goods, especially ones with whole grains.

Egg-free is not a problem with this EASY egg replacer from Hodgson Mill!

Note – Flax chia egg replacer works best in recipes that don’t depend on lots of eggs for structure – cake, cornbread, or pancakes that call for 2-3 eggs per batch might do just fine, but a pound cake or sponge cake requiring 6 may not work very well. And we don’t recommend using Flax Chia as a stand-in for scrambled eggs!

You can also use plain Milled Flax Seed if you don’t have any Flax Chia – it works in very much the same way, and thickens up beautifully like egg whites.  You can try them both, and decide which one you like best! 



In a small bowl, stir together Flax Chia and water. 
Let sit 5-10 minutes or until thick – it should resemble egg whites. 

Stir, and add to baking recipe in place of 1-3 eggs.

Notes: May also use Hodgson Mill Milled Flax Seed in place of Flax Chia. May make recipes slightly moister or denser; they may brown slightly faster. Will not work well in recipes relying on a large number of eggs (over 3) for their structure, but works well for cookies, cakes, brownies, cornbread and other recipes calling for 2-3 eggs. Don’t use in place of eggs in stand-alone recipes such as scrambled eggs

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