Reindeer Food

Our tree is trimmed, a sneaky elf is perched in the branches watching us for Santa, a growing pile of presents are piled under the tree, cookies are baked and waiting to be decorated, and carols have been sung. It feels like we are doing nicely on our Christmas to-do list this year. One important task we need to cross off, however, is to make a sweet treat for Santa’s four-legged helpers.

Whipping up a batch of reindeer food is a fun and easy (yay!) activity for little hands to help build Christmas cheer! Did I mention that it is super easy, too? Plus, it is a great way to use up the last big of Hodgson Mill Thick Cut Rolled Oats and sprinkles sitting in your cabinet.


Simply sprinkle in your front yard on Christmas Eve and the reindeer have a nice little treat when they stop at your house!

 Reindeer Food

1 cup Hodgson Mill Thick Cut Rolled Oats
3-4 Tbsp. sprinkles

In a medium mixing bowl, combine oats and sprinkles. Store in a plastic bag or jar until Christmas Eve. Go outside and sprinkle it on your lawn or in a bowl outside for Santa's reindeer when they stop at your house.