We Make Our Own Whole Wheat Pasta Now. It's Fresher, with Consistently Higher Quality

Effingham IL 9/12/2012 - A desire for a fresher product and consistently higher quality has led Hodgson Mill to begin manufacturing its own line of whole wheat pastas. The whole wheat and gluten-free foods manufacturer recently increased its production facility by adding 40,000 square feet and installing two Italian-made, fully automated pasta lines for the production of its whole wheat pasta.

The company will produce both long and short goods on the new lines including such products as: spaghetti, linguine and angel hair, lasagna, elbow, penne and spirals. The newly produced pasta will be packaged in a clear, sealed bag inside a box to allow for greater food safety and shelf life. The pasta will be fresher as the company moves toward more just-in-time production.

"These new pasta lines are state-of-the-art," says Bob Goldstein, Hodgson Mill’s President. "They’re fully automated, which means we will now be able to offer consumers the most consistently superior pasta product on the market. Fresher flavor and consistent cooking times are what consumers have asked for and we will deliver."

While Hodgson Mill’s whole wheat pastas have gone high tech, the company has not forgotten the importance of maintaining great traditional taste. To ensure that the highest standards and procedures remain in place, Hodgson Mill has engaged a full time Italian food technologist with particular expertise in pasta processing. Hodgson Mill’s whole wheat pasta will continue to be made only from the highest quality and most nutritious whole wheat available in the U.S.

"We've made a big commitment to doing this right," says Goldstein.

The company had previously outsourced the production of its whole wheat pastas.